25 mg Canna Moons Delta-9 THC Gummies



Delta-9 THC Gummies

Delta-9 THC Gummies: Step into a realm of heightened euphoria with our high-strength Canna Moons, eclipsing the impact of our original Delta-9 THC gummies. Each gummy boasts 25 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD, delivering an unmatched punch that propels you to galaxies unknown!

Cheap cannabis gummies

Cheap Cannabis gummies: Indulge in Crescent Canna’s most robust and economically savvy edibles. meanwhile, immerse yourself in the tantalizing flavors and premium cannabinoids of our Canna Moons 25 mg THC gummies – available in Pink Lemonade, Strawberry, Watermelon, and introducing our NEW Grape and Mango flavors, bursting with fruity goodness.

These super moons are a force to be reckoned with, especially if you’re new to THC. Ease into the experience with a quarter or half-gummy. Surprisingly, just a small bite of the 25 mg THC per gummy can send you soaring to new heights!

Rest easy knowing Crescent Canna’s edibles undergo comprehensive lab testing, ensuring top-tier quality and purity. Crafted with hemp-derived THC and CBD, our 25 mg gummies are not only a flavor explosion but also legal for adults nationwide!

Experience with our Delta-9  Gummies

For a mellower journey, explore our 12 mg Delta-9 Canna Moons. Dive deeper into the cosmic wonders with our extensive selection, including Delta-8 and a variety of THC products showcased on our THC edibles page.

Elevate your THC experience with Crescent Canna – where potency meets flavor, and adventure knows no bounds!

More about our Delta-9 THC gummy
  • Canna Moons are gummies that combine CBD with delta 9
  • Canna Moons are third-party lab tested with COAs easily accessible on their lab testing page
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